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The Spice Tailor
The Spice Tailor

Explore the world through flavor with our exceptionally tasty, quick and easy 3-steps kits

Big on flavor, little on fuss

Inspired by journeys down the ancient spice routes, we’re here to help you explore delicious international dishes. Our easy-to-use kits make it fun, easy, and stress-free to cook restaurant quality meals at home in minutes. Join us and take your taste buds on a culinary adventure through time and spice.

Our mission

The Spice Tailor was created to make it quick and easy for you to cook restaurant quality Indian and Asian dishes at home.

Inspired by tradition

We take inspiration from the traditional cooking methods that are used by home cooks and chefs, layering the ingredients step-by-step to build delicious depths of flavor. We do the laborious side of things so you don’t have to.


Our vegetarian-friendly kits work for many occasions with recipes for various tastes, lifestyles and situations. Choose from easy mid-week meals, dinner-party crowd-pleasers, light lunches, elevated BBQ dishes, flavor-packed veggie recipes and so much more!

3 simple steps

It’s so simple to cook delicious meals with our easy 3-step kits. Simply sizzle the whole spices in your pan, add the base sauce from the small pouch and stir, add in meat or veg and the main sauce from the large pouch and simmer till cooked. Dinner in 1-2-3!

Tailor to taste

You can use our kits to make a variety of delicious meals and tailor them to your taste. Most of our kits come with a whole dried chili. If you don’t like heat, you can leave this out. Or, if you want to make your curry extra spicy, grind the chili and sprinkle this into the sauce while cooking. With our easy 3-step kits, you can cook our recipes your way.

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